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Doomsday Clock The Complete Collection


Продължаваме да изпращаме наличните книги всеки работен ден! NOTHING EVER REALLY ENDS. The world of Watchmen collides with the DC Universe in a story that rewrites the past, present, and future of comics! Dr. Manhattan, a near-omnipotent being from the Watchmen universe, has been using his powers to rewrite the DC Universe\u2013reshaping some heroes\u2019 histories, erasing other heroes altogether, and playingwith the fates of the good and evil alike.\n\nBut why? What does a godlike being from another worldstand to gain from the DC Universe? The mystery remains, but now that our heroes know they\u2019re being toyed with,what can they do to stop it? The clock is ticking\u2026